Refund & Shipping Policy


All sales are final. 

(No returns/exchanges)

Each pair of denim shorts/pants are pictured and listed with exact measurements of the waist, hips, and rise.

We have a full sizing tutorial on our Instagram, Twitter, and website. The sizing tutorial on the website includes the sizing details of all denim, pearl snaps, and tees.

We recommend that all customers review the sizing tutorial thoroughly before purchasing. 



We cannot change any addresses once an order has been placed. 

We send packages directly to the address given by the customer at the time of the order being placed. Our system does not allow us to make any changes to original orders. 

The next step is for the customer to contact USPS once they are notified their package has been shipped out. It is the customer's responisiblity to work with USPS to forward their mail to the correct address. 

If a product is returned to The Buckskin Babes headquarters due to an incorrect address, the customer must reach out and email us with their order number and correct address. (E-mail ONLY. We do not communicate through direct messages on social media of any kind.)

The customer will be sent an invoice to pay the shipping, as well as an additional shipping fee for us to ship the items for a second time to the correct address.

The order will not be shipped out until the invoice is paid in full.

The time frame for mailing out a returned package is anywhere from 7-10 days after the customer has paid the invoice. 

If the customer does not attempt to contact the post office or email us with their order number and correct address within 30 days of the product being shipped out, The Buckskin Babes is no longer liable for the package. 


The Buckskin Babes has one shipping employee, along with the owner who ships when needed. 

We have a 1-7 day processing time on orders. 

Most likely, an order will take no longer than 1-3 days to ship out from out headquarters. However, we are still a small business and require a small grace period on occasion. 


There are no returns/exchanges with any item(s) won in a giveaway. 

We urge all winners to read the sizing tutorial thoroughly, as The Buckskin Babes no return/exchange policy stands in all giveaways offered. 


Thank you so much babes! 



The Buckskin Babes is not affiliated in any way with Wrangler, Rockies, Levi's, or any other brands of denim or clothing that appear on our website. We simply upcycle the vintage clothing by adding our Buckskin Babes flare to it.