Vintage Denim is sized differently than most average denim. 

We size our denim with measurements only. Waist, Hip, and Rise. 

Due to the vintage nature of the clothes, we do not use the original tag size. We use all of our own measurements for the most accurate fit.

(This is for jeans, pearl snaps, and vintage t-shirts.) 

Step by Step sizing tutorial:

Step #1:  

Take a pair of high waisted shorts or jeans that fit you and lay them flat on the ground.

Use a tape measure to measure straight across the waist, as seen below.

Take the number you get on the tape measure and multiply it by 2. 

Example: 13 is the number on the tape measure. (13 x 2 = 26) 

The size for this pair of jeans is 26"


Step #2: 

To find the hip measurements, place the tape measure straight across the shorts/pants, right below the fly. 

Step #3:

To find the rise measurement, place the tape measure at the crotch and measure to the top of the shorts/jeans. This measurement tells you how high the shorts will fit on your torso. (All of our jeans/shorts are high waisted unless otherwise posted. This means they will fit higher on the torso.) 


Here is a visual of the Key Measurements used to measure vintage denim:


Pearl Snap Sizing: 

There is elastic in the pearl snap shirts, therefore they will have stretch to them. For this reason, two sizes are occasionally listed for one shirt, because the shirt can fit either size listed due to the stretch. 


Vintage T-Shirt Sizing:

The vintage T-shirts are not sized by what is listed on the original tag. Due to the shirts' vintage nature, the original tag sizes are not accurate. If two sizes are listed on the shirt, it will fit either size, depending on if you want it to fit tighter or baggier. 




The Buckskin Babes is not in any way "making" or infringing upon Wrangler, Rockies, Levi's, or any other existing brands that appear on our website. We simply upcycle the vintage clothing, and/or re-sell existing pieces of vintage/ pre-owned  clothing.